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With these everyday helpers, the household (almost) takes care of itself

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In addition to working, raising children and other tasks, throwing the household around is sometimes not that easy.

Fortunately, there are a few everyday helpers that make your life easier.

Whether ironing, cleaning or chopping vegetables – there is a simple solution for many tedious tasks.

The best household helpers for your home

Are you worried about anything other than worrying about the growing laundry mountain or the dirty microwave? And at the thought of elaborate snipping for lunch, do you itch your fingers to order pizza again? That is now a thing of the past, because these everyday helpers relieve you of a few chores in the household.

The practical microwave cleaner

Durandal *

If your mother doesn’t wrinkle her nose over the dirty microwave, this little figure * does it. Pour vinegar and water up to the respective mark and add a dash of lemon juice for the fresh note. Then you put them in the microwave for seven minutes – afterwards even stubborn dirt can be easily wiped off with the included microfiber cloth.

Tip: In the fridge, the figure provides a neutral smell – just fill it with baking soda and put it in, and unpleasant smells will be absorbed.

Microwave cleaner from Durandal – 5.99 euros at Amazon *

An automatic shirt press

CLEANmaxx *

Ironing a shirt or blouse properly is not that easy. With the automatic shirt press * you save a lot of work: Simply pull the garment over the device – it dries and smoothes at the same time.

Automatic shirt ironer from CLEANmaxx – 95.90 euros at Amazon *

Vegetable cutter with different functions

Laluztop *

A device that can do everything: This is the dream of those who like to cook, but hate tedious chopping, grating and dicing. As it says in teleshopping, this compact vegetable cutter * will make your life easier. Even hard vegetables can be made small in record time.

Vegetable cutter from Laluztop – 29.99 euros at Amazon *

A drip tray for kitchen waste

Wenko *

Unfortunately, you still have to peel potatoes, carrots, onions or other ingredients before shredding. This little kitchen helper makes it more bearable: The drip tray by Wenko * is simply clamped under the worktop in a drawer or cupboard door and you can push kitchen waste into the container. This creates space on the kitchenette and you work faster. We know from experience: This simple but brilliant product quickly becomes indispensable, especially in small kitchens.

Drip tray by Wenko – 9.99 euros at Amazon *

Everyone can use practical household helpers

Don’t make life harder than it has to be. The household helpers presented here ensure that everyday tasks are carried out more quickly. Maybe you also know someone who doesn’t like ironing or who shouldn’t get a sharp knife in their hands while cooking? Here could be a good gift for him or her.

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