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With these sustainable shampoos, your hair and the environment are doing something good

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We would all like to have shiny, soft, voluminous, well-groomed, split-free super hair. Some shampoos promise just that – but with a big catch. Because conventional shampoos are full of chemistry to achieve these goals. To do something good for your hair and the environment, you should use sustainable and natural shampoos. Here you can find out what you should pay attention to and which products we recommend.

That’s why you should use sustainable shampoo

One thing in advance: Not every conventional shampoo is necessarily questionable. We just want to show you what to look out for when buying shampoo in order to avoid problematic ingredients. Because there are good reasons to rely on sustainable shampoo in the future.

On the one hand, you should try to buy silicone-free shampoo. Because these wrap around your hair like a film and thus prevent nourishing substances from being absorbed. This leads to your hair becoming heavy and dry. The environment is also happy if you do without silicones, because they are difficult to biodegrade and can collect in bodies of water.

Other chemicals from conventional shampoos such as emollients, dyes or fragrances can even cause greater damage to your body and trigger allergies or affect the hormonal balance. This also includes, for example, parabens, which are often used as preservatives. The substances are absorbed through the skin and are particularly unsuitable for pregnant women and small children.

Natural shampoos with natural ingredients

We spoke to Elisabeth Jacobs about sustainable shampoo. Elisabeth is a blogger and author and deals intensively on Instagram and her blog “Elisabeth Green” with the topics of sustainability, health and natural cosmetics. What constitutes sustainable shampoo for you?

Tip: If you pay attention to natural cosmetic seals such as Cosmos, BDIH, Natrue or Ecocert when buying shampoo, you can be sure that you have shampoo with natural ingredients in front of you.

Solid shampoo – this is how sustainable works

Have you decided to produce less plastic waste from now on? Solid shampoos do not need plastic packaging and are – among other reasons – becoming increasingly popular. Other reasons why solid shampoo are a great alternative to your traditional shampoo are:

  • Most solid shampoos contain mostly natural ingredients.
  • They often get by with fewer preservatives than conventional shampoos. This makes them gentler on your hair and scalp.
  • Solid shampoo is cheaper than liquid shampoo because it is more economical.
  • Shampoo in solid form takes up significantly less space in the bathroom and in the toilet bag (and it comes through the security check at the airport in hand luggage).
  • Since solid shampoo does not contain water, it cannot leak – one less thing to worry about.

Solid shampoo versus hair soaps

Solid shampoo and hair soaps are not the same thing. The solid shampoo basically has the same composition as liquid shampoo, only without water. That’s why it foams just as much in the shower. Hair soaps, on the other hand, are made by saponifying fats and oils with lye. They therefore have a higher pH value. For this reason, it is recommended to use an acid rinse after shampooing. You rinse your hair with a mixture of water with vinegar or lemon. You can save yourself this step by using a solid shampoo.

Now you have all the important information about solid shampoos and you can decide for yourself whether they are a sensible alternative for you. Should you not be able to make friends with solid shampoo, Elisabeth from “Elisabeth Green” thinks that liquid shampoos in large packs can be another way for you to live more sustainably – because with larger packs you at least save some packaging waste.

The best sustainable shampoos

Finally, Elisabeth Jacobs has one more tip for you: Wash your hair less. “This is gentle on the hair and scalp, saves water and shampoo and thus contributes to greater sustainability,” she says. With all the relevant information now, it’s time to find the right shampoo for the needs of your scalp and hair. We have created a selection of liquid and solid shampoos so that you can find exactly what suits you.

1. Maria Nila

Maria Nila True Soft Set – € 68.80 at Amazon *

The series by Maria Nila * consisting of a shampoo, a conditioner and a mask is intended for colored and dry hair. In addition to providing moisture, the integrated color protection complex protects the hair color and the argan oil it contains strengthens the hair structure and makes your hair shine.

2. Logona

Logona Solid Care Shampoo – 7.99 euros at Ecco Verde *

This solid shampoo from Logona * is suitable for all hair types. Organic hemp and organic nettle ensure a pleasant herbal scent and provide your hair with moisture. By the way, the packaging of the shampoo is made from recycled fibers!

3. Safeas

Safeas Cupuaçu Derma Control Shampoo – 37.00 euros at Amazon *

The Safeas * shampoo promises vegan care for flaky hair and irritated scalp. The care shampoo comes with an active ingredient complex of cupuacu butter, broccoli seed oil, aloe vera juice and various plant extracts.

Blogger Elisabeth recommends this shampoo to her readers if they notice an itchy scalp when switching to natural cosmetics.

4. Sante

Sante Bio Shampoo Bar – 5.99 euros at Ecco Verde *

With ingredients such as organic shea and cocoa butter, the solid shampoo from Sante * supplies your hair with moisture – without any silicone. It is particularly sustainable and is produced in Germany without the use of water or plastic.

5. I + M liquid shampoo

I + M Shampoo Balance – 10.89 euros at Ecco Verde *

With the Balance Shampoo from I + M * your quickly greasy or flaky hair is properly cared for. Nettle and sage ensure that your hair does not regrease so quickly and your scalp regulates itself.

6. Kastenbein & Bosch

Kastenheim & Bosch Chia Shampoo – 15.36 euros at Amazon *

The Chia Shampoo from Kastenheim & Bosch * is the perfect care for dry, damaged or colored hair. Argan oil and chia extract make your hair shine again without any silicone, parabens or glycerin. By the way: All Kastenheim & Bosch products do not contain any harmful substances and are 98 percent organic.

7. I + M solid shampoo

I + M Solid Shampoo Verbene – 7.98 euros at Ecco Verde *

I + M can also convince Elisabeth Jacobs with a solid shampoo: The vegan solid shampoo * cleans your hair thoroughly and also protects your scalp from drying out. It is free of synthetic colors, fragrances or preservatives, parabens, silicones and microplastics. You are also completely free of water and plastic with the shampoo, because the packaging is made of environmentally friendly grass paper.

8. Sanoll

Sanoll Hemp Shampoo (200 milliliters) – 13.49 euros at Amazon *

Sanoll Hemp Shampoo (1000 milliliters) – 48.00 euros at Amazon *

Another recommendation from Elisabeth is the bio-vegan shampoo from Sanoll. * With care ingredients made from hemp and gamma linolenic acid, the shampoo cares for normal hair and provides shine and elasticity.

9. Nature Box

Nature Box Repair Solid Shampoo – 3.75 euros at Amazon *

Solid shampoo from Nature Box is completely free of silicones, parabens, surfactants, animal ingredients and artificial colors. With cold-pressed avocado oil, it strengthens your hair and smoothes the tips. In addition to the solid shampoo for protection against split ends *, there are also other solid shampoos to discover. Solid shampoo with coconut oil * provides your hair with intensive moisture, the product with almond oil * provides more volume and the shampoo with argan oil * nourishes even more intensively.

10. Hands on Veggies

Hands on Veggies Extra Volume Shampoo – € 8.99 at Ecco Verde *

The volume shampoo from Hands on Veggies * is the best way to care for your fine, thin hair. The purely plant-based organic shampoo provides more volume – without any chemicals, silicones or harmful substances. With the contained chilli, your scalp can absorb nutrients better and is vitalized. Another plus point: The liquid shampoo packaging is made of sugar cane and is therefore biodegradable!

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