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With these tips you will have cleaned up your shed in no time

The smartest thing is to take (part of) a day for it. It is best to do it in one go so that you are right off it.

1: Use your garden

First make sure that your garden is (virtually) empty so that you can put everything from your shed here. Also choose a day when the weather is nice, so that you can temporarily store everything outside.

2: Empty everything

If you really want to do it right, you have to clear out your entire shed first. Put everything in the garden and choose from there whether you want to keep it or get rid of it. You can also clean the entire shed, remove spider webs or wash windows.

Divide the items you took from the shed into three categories: throw away, return to the shed, and return to the house. Store the latter category indoors immediately.

3: Sort

Then sort the items by type. Place the tools with the tools and the cycling equipment with the cycling equipment. This way you can see exactly what you have and can store it neatly later.

4: Store things neatly

Then the trick is to neatly store your belongings in the shed again. Use containers for small items and put everything in shelving units. Then label everything so you can find it again. It is best to hang tools so that you have an overview.

Tip: Draw lines around your tools on the wall with a marker, so that afterwards you hang everything back in the right place and you immediately see which item you are missing or have borrowed.

5: Discard immediately

Throw away the pile of things you throw away. Otherwise, it will remain in the garden and still be messy. In the future, dispose of rubbish earlier so that it does not become a mess in your shed again.

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