With these tools, your flat rate stays fast

Annoying: some DSL providers limit their flat rates. For users with surf sticks, it usually ends earlier. Regardless of which provider: These tools protect your flat rate volume and put off the internet brake!

Once the Telekom wanted to put an end to the high-speed Internet for users of a 16 Mbit line at 75 GB per month and activate the throttle. After that, it should only go on at a snail’s pace – until the next month. In the meantime, Telekom has rowed back again. Regardless of whether you are a DSL, UMTS or LTE surfer – with these programs you can get by with your data volume for longer.

In order to know how much you can still surf, play online and download data this month, you have to measure your data usage. In the gallery you will find two tools that do this for you. You will find detailed instructions for measuring your traffic consumption in this guide.

If you want to save the maximum amount of Internet traffic, you don’t just rely on programs. In addition, it is necessary to make some settings in the browser. We recommend deactivating prefetching in Firefox, for example. With this technology, the browser preloads data that you may not need at all. Prefetching is supposed to speed up surfing, but it also leads to unnecessary downloads. Deactivate the feature by typing “about: config” without quotation marks in the address bar of the browser. Search for “prefetch” and double click on “network-prefetch-next” to set the value to “false”. Complete.

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