With this comic you can explain the corona pandemic to children


The current situation in the pandemic is special for everyone and particularly difficult for many. Children in particular are often unable to classify the rules relating to mask requirements and contact restrictions very well. Parents have been looking into the questioning faces of their children for months – but often don’t know the exact answer themselves.

A research assistant and an artist now want to help. Michael Galatsch from the University of Witten / Herdecke and the Hamburg designer Marambolage had a special idea: They designed a children’s comic about the coronavirus.

Readers can print out the zine themselves, cut them to size and fold them into a small book. The new comic is intended to educate children between the ages of seven and twelve and “help to give the children a little more security when dealing with the subject of coronavirus,” says Michael Galatsch.

Use in schools is also conceivable

The story revolves around the beginning of the second wave this fall. The focus is on the AHA rules, wearing a mask and spreading false information – complex and sometimes difficult to understand topics for children of primary school age.

The comic should help to make everything graphically and as accessible as possible, long sentences and technical terms are avoided.

The back of the comic can also be hung up as a poster. The miniature books are intended to encourage participation and thus provide the children with lasting knowledge about the pandemic, says Galatsch.

A use of the comic in schools is also conceivable in order to be able to explain the hygiene rules to the children there in a playful way. But parents can also design the zine together with the child – and possibly even learn something themselves.

You can find crafting instructions for the zine here:

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