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With this tip you save a lot of money on food

There are still enough people who go to the supermarket every day, while that is not necessary at all. By doing weekly shopping you save money in the first place. Because you first think carefully about what you need and you also do not impulsively do your shopping (read: a bag of chips or chocolate bar).

Bulk packaging

But you can save even more money by buying bulk packs. There are plenty of shops that sell it. Kilos of rice or pasta in large packages. This is very convenient to buy, because you don’t have to go to the store as often. And most importantly: bulk packaging is a lot cheaper than the small packaging.

Now you only have one package containing everything. This saves a number of packaging per week, which ends up somewhere in the waste. That also saves a lot of hassle.

Another plus, if you want to use up the leftovers from the fridge, you can always make a pasta or curry because you always have the rice at home. Saves you a trip to the supermarket again!

Glass storage jars

Nice tip, buy those bulk packages: but where do you leave it? Store everything in glass storage jars. Your food has a long shelf life and you don’t have to store awkward kilos of packaging. In addition, it is also very nice on the kitchen shelf. Much better than all those loose cardboard and plastic packaging.


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