With Youtube to startup success: The Simpleclub founders in the podcast

It all started with a YouTube channel, and the Simpleclub learning app now has a million users. In the podcast, Nico Schork and Alex Giesecke tell how they want to refresh the education system.

Nico Schork and Alex Giesecke (from left to right) started their startup careers with tutoring videos on YouTube.

Simpleclub / start-up scene

Nico Schork (26) and Alex Giesecke (25) are in the eleventh grade when they start their first business from the children’s room. The two school friends give math tutoring on Youtube – but the first videos are a flop. In six months they earn just ten euros from advertising income. Today, their tutoring channels reach nearly three million subscribers under the brand The Simpleclub. They have also developed a learning app in which the renowned investor HV Capital (formerly Holtzbrinck Ventures) has participated. In the current episode of the Gründerszene podcast “This is how startup” explains how they made the leap from Youtubers to startup entrepreneurs.

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School closings as a turning point

We also talk to the Simpleclub founders about the Corona year, which should prove to be a turning point for the Edtech industry. The two tell how they were overrun by teacher inquiries after the school closings in March and issued 1.9 million licenses for their learning app in a very short time. They also talk about the plans with the new funding of two million euros, which they collected in September 2020.

The best friend as a business partner

Nico Schork and Alex Giesecke walked the path from being a teenager to a company with 70 employees. The duo has known each other since the fifth grade and grew up together in Mosbach in Baden-Württemberg. Sometimes it almost feels as if they are married, the two say about themselves. The founders also reveal in the podcast how they balance their friendship and their business relationship.

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