WKStA vs. ÖVP: It is testimony against testimony

What follows on the loud and mutual criticism from the Chancellor’s party and the prosecution? Maybe another political issue.

Nothing works anymore between the Economic and Corruption Public Prosecutor’s Office (WKStA) and the ÖVP. At least that’s the impression you get when you listen to Chancellor Sebastian Kurz on Monday afternoon.

“There have been so many misconduct that I believe that there is an urgent need for change,” Kurz said at a press conference that actually aims to extend the current lockdown light measures. But the domestic political issue number one has been with since the house search Finance Minister Gernot Blümel the relationship between WKStA and ÖVP.

Established 10 years ago as a blocking point against corruption, the authority is coming under increasing criticism – and yes, it is also being discredited. Not least because of the mantra-like accusations that the Turquoise raise against the prosecution. Equidistance? Nothing.

Whether investigations into the Ibiza and Eurofighter cases or the BVT house search: The WKStA is a thorn in the side of the turquoise. Crossed the last red line through the house search of the incumbent finance minister.

APA – Austria Press Agency

How serious the ÖVP is with a reform – (or dismantling?) Is shown by the sudden “yes” to Introduction of an independent federal prosecutor, for which the Greens and the SPÖ always advocated – whose importance the Turks always negated.

And it shows requests to speak like that of Salzburg’s Governor Wilfried Haslauer. He was as a lawyer usually reluctant to criticize this, but in this case the minister would stand (Blümel’s note) Almost as a convicted person without any evidence. “I don’t think that’s good,” says Haslauer. The WKStA would have “acted prematurely and hastily” and thus ensured a prejudice of Blümel. “Such excess has no place in the judiciary.”

For its part, the WKStA complains about the political questioning – as an ex-public prosecutor recently announced in the Ibiza-U-Committee. Christine Jilek threw in the towel after 13 years and let them know: “UYou can hardly work under this pressure. “Und Jilek appealed to the members of the committeeto free the economic and corruption prosecutor from their “political corset”.

APA – Austria Press Agency

Brigitte Bierlein

So there is testimony against testimony and it is to be feared that the idea of ​​an independent federal public prosecutor will again become a political issue.

For before form and content can be discussed, names will be mentioned. Who should head the new institution to be created? Who will determine the same and, above all, who has the legal tools and the nimbus of independence? Ex-constitutional judge and ex-chancellor Brigitte Bierlein? Or your ex-interior minister, the head of the financial procurator, Wolfgang Peschorn?


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