Wolf Puma ST: This Ford Puma can also be fast

Compact sports crossovers have never been really fast. Although the Nissan Juke Nismo, VW T-Roc R and Audi SQ2 boast a lot of power, they are primarily fast in a straight line. As soon as it goes around the corners, the fun is over. The new Puma ST, on the other hand, is a daring corner robber.


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It is not surprising that Ford has transformed its actually well-behaved compact crossover SUV into a genuine ST. Because the Puma is based on the Fiesta platform. And the little one is also available as a 200 hp strong ST. It is currently one of the fastest front scrapers in its class.
Wolf Ford Puma ST

In the Wolf Puma you will find a tidy, modern, sporty cockpit as well as an accurate manual transmission and tight sports seats with very good lateral support.

The Puma ST was already one of my surprises of the year after its presentation in 2020. No one would have expected how this raised Fiesta relents, pushes and then boldly sweeps its butt around corners.

Now Ford tuner Wolf has dedicated himself to the Puma ST. The previously had the performance of the Fiesta from 200 to 240 hp increased. The same kit also fits in the Puma. For this purpose, the chassis is adjusted accordingly – and off you go.

Puma as fast as Fiesta ST

The paint finish in “Furious Green” is impressive, as are the well-filled wheel arches. Instead of the standard 19-inch, Wolf packs its own 20-inch five-storage system on the axles. The size of the tires is also growing, from 225 to 235 millimeters. lowering? Nothing springs, under the Puma there is a coilover suspension that has been specially coordinated with the manufacturer KW. For more sound there is a stainless steel exhaust system, that’s it. (What can the Ford Puma do as a double coupler?)
What are the predictions? If you ask the Wolf team, the Puma should be at least as fast on the race track as the production Fiesta ST, we’re talking about a time of 1:42. We acknowledge this statement with a smile. We just don’t have the imagination that such a mini-crossover can iron impressive times into the asphalt at the Sachsenring. But we’ll clarify that immediately after the longitudinal dynamic measurement runs.
Wolf Ford Puma ST

Like the Fiesta ST, the Wolf Puma lifts the inside rear wheel throughout the lap. With oversteer in the corners? Just lovely!

The production car should need 6.7 seconds to 100 km/h. Our test car only managed 7.2 seconds despite launch control (performance package) and flatshift function (shift at full throttle, charge pressure remains high). The wolf car? A smooth second faster! The pimped one three-cylinder inspires with even more fixed response, tighter power development and a little more revving than in the series.

Everyday wolf

Up to 200 km/h, the tuning car of the series even takes over three seconds, a world, and that at only 40 hp More efficient. Of course, the draft also benefits from this. With the increased torque, the three-cylinder now pushes a whole corner juicier out of the basement. And the sports exhaust system? It accompanies such scenarios with a robust beat.
Are coilovers and 20 inchers still suitable for everyday use? Although the dampers are significantly firmer, there is still some residual comfort. With perfectly contoured sports seats and the consumption of only 9.3 liters, long distances are no agony. The tuner states 245 km/h as Vmax, which is rather an understatement, 250 things (speedometer) are in it without much start-up.
Wolf Ford Puma ST

1290 euros for 40 hp via new software doesn’t sound so plump. The driving performance surprise but completely.

Unfortunately, there is no lap time of the standard Puma ST, so the wolf has to compete with the 1:42.47 minutes of the Fiesta ST. The Puma weighs 100 kilos more, is built higher – does that take time?

Nothing there, on the contrary! Without exaggerating, we’ve driven many, many cars at the Sachsenring, but this Wolf Puma ST is a handling revelation of almost heavenly proportions. The Ford doesn’t just give in, it literally throws itself against curves. Angles stiff as a rock, lifts the rear wheel on the inside of the curve, cheekily turns the radii right before it only drills further into the apex when pulled. No hesitation, no hesitation, just front-wheel drive dynamics at the highest level.

Performance upgrade worth every penny

The 235 Michelin Pellen do not degrade, the fastest lap succeeds in lap three. brakes? Are rather underchallenged, many corners are full, some with a slight lift. Everything feels like the Fiesta ST, just a little more fun. So the time of 1:41.70 minutes at the end of the lap doesn’t surprise us. It’s hard to imagine what else would be in it if you put semislicks on the Puma.

Wolf Ford Puma ST

The sports exhaust system gives the Puma a much more aggressive tone without being annoying.

A few more words about the prices. The increase in performance is worth every penny, as is the exhaust system. But the chassis is more for the race track.


Those who are less oriented towards the practical side of the Puma ST and want to have fun on the racetrack from time to time can’t avoid the Wolf package. Much faster than the series, that’s fun! Like the Fiesta ST, the Wolf Puma lifts the inside rear wheel throughout the lap. With oversteer in the corners? Just lovely!

Specifications and price: Wolf Puma ST

Engine type: R3
Charge: turbo
Installation position: front across
Valves/Camshafts: 4 per cylinder/2
Displacement: 1496cc
kW (hp) b. rpm: 177 (240) /5800
liter output: 160 hp/l
b. rpm: 388/2500
Transmission: Six-speed manual
Type of drive: front wheel
Brakes front: 325 mm internally ventilated
Rear brakes: 271mm
Brake disc material: stole
Wheel size front – rear: 8×20″
Tire size front – rear: 235/35ZR20
Tire type: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S
Dimensions L/W/H: 4226/1930**/1520mm
Wheelbase: 2588mm
Tank/trunk volume: 45/456-1216 l
Standard consumption/CO2: 6.5L/100km / 155g/km
Emissions standard: Euro 6d ISC FCM
Tax per year: 164 euros
Basic price: 29,590 euros
Test car price: 38,661 euros

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