Wolfgang Schüssel: “Had a déjà vu near Ibiza”

See a head of state playing the role in the EU from Angela Merkel could take over in the future?

Everyone who comes into such a category has their qualities. That is the Champions League. Emmanuel Macron is an excellent president who masters oration perfectly. Or the Dutch prime minister Mark Ruttewho rules with a very difficult five-party coalition. But also the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen is very interesting because it has a consistent stance on the migration issue and, on the other hand, brings very modern socio-political reform approaches.

You write in the book that you think it’s a shame that one ÖVP/ Green coalition failed 17 years ago. How would that have been? Austria changed?

It was a fascinating opportunity. My whole team was for this coalition. After Knittelfeld blew up the successful coalition. That were with StracheBy the way, Gudenus and Kickl are the same ones today Ibiza have to answer for. In this respect, I had Ibiza a déjà vu and I was not surprised by what happened here. Alexander Van der Bellen, Eva Glawischnig, Madeleine Petrovic were in favor of even that Peter Pilz was not averse. The leadership wanted to, but two-thirds of the federal assembly remained skeptical at all times.

Werner Kogler said very honestly at the Federal Congress in January: “I gave the first radio interview in 2003 to cancel. The more years have passed, the less certain I was if it was smart. I still don’t know. ” The time was not ripe at the time. The exciting thing about this coalition then as now is that a middle party like that ÖVP, which has many different roots, comes across the Greens, which is socially and politically very reformist, but at the same time also preserving in environmental issues and statistically. It is still an exciting attempt today.


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