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Wonder Woman 1984 only has one deleted scene

Wonder Woman 1984 is not the shortest film of 2020 with its 2 hours and 35 minutes playing time. It is the most streamed film of the past year. And that says a lot, because the film only came out on Christmas. It is director Patty Jenkins who ensured that the end result took a little longer. She is a fan of slightly “slower” films. She even deleted just one scene to get to the final cut of Wonder Woman 1984 to come.

In Wonder Woman 1984 fans got to see Gal Gadot as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman for the second time. They had clearly been looking forward to the sequel Wonder Woman (from 2017). The film was released last Christmas and has become the most-streamed film of 2020. In exactly one week.

Wonder Woman 3

It is now known that there are a third Wonder Womanmovie comes from DC and Warner Bros. In that film, Gal Gadot will play Diana Prince and Wonder Woman’s outfit for the last time. The third film in the series will again be one by director Patty Jenkins.

Patty Jenkins

That woman has been since the release of Wonder Woman 1984 giving interviews all over the world. Entertainment website Collider was also able to get hold of her, and she has made a striking statement about her love of “slow” movies. She also talked about the consequences for her own films.

“I barely cut scenes from this movie,” said Patty Jenkins. “I only deleted parts of scenes. The only scene I can think of is one where Steve and Diana want to take a cab from the National History Museum to get back to Black Gold. That’s the only scene we cut out, I think. ”


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