“Wonder Woman 1984” starts on February 18, 2021 directly on Sky in UHD

“Wonder Woman 1984” starts on February 18th, 201 on Sky!

The movie “Wonder Woman 1984” will be shown on Sky in Germany before it opens in cinemas. The strip will start there on February 18, 2021.

According to Sky Germany, “Wonder Woman 1984” will even be available in Ultra HD / 4K via Sky Q. The film joins Sky Cinema. Alternatively, it can also be enjoyed as a stream via the Sky Ticket. Whereby one should be careful with “enjoyment” here. The critics and the community reacted to the film with more moderate reactions.

In the USA, “Wonder Woman 1984” started in December with the local streaming provider HBO Max. Even then it seemed likely that Sky could get the rights from us. Because Sky already has an exclusive cooperation with HBO and Warner Bros. running. So the new superhero film will start on February 18, 2021 exclusively on Sky Germany. He should probably also come to the cinema when the movie theaters are allowed to open again.

Not only “Wonder Woman 1984” finds its way to Sky faster than usual. The Warner Bros. productions “The Little Things” with Denzel Washington and the drama “Judas and the Black Messiah” will also be launched on Sky much earlier than usual, namely just 28 days after the cinema release. This strategy is of course due to the Corona crisis. Cinemas currently have to remain closed in the pandemic and are likely to have fewer visitors than usual in the next few months.

The cinema crisis

The cinema is currently in a serious crisis: Even before Corona, the problem arose that viewers in home cinema can now achieve better visual quality than in the cinema thanks to 4K TVs and HDR with a manageable budget. Because due to technology, projectors are not able to achieve a qualitatively comparable HDR quality. In addition, streaming providers are competing with the cinema with increasingly high-quality productions.

In addition, studios like Universal are discovering new distribution channels and would like to offer their films as digital rental versions as soon as they open in theaters. Without the cinema operators as middlemen, their margins increase. Especially since they can evaluate additional customer data with digital consumption.


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