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Wonder Woman 3 is coming: actress Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins return

Wonder Woman 1984 was released just a few days ago, and already studio Warner Bros. with news about a sequel to the film. That is coming soon, and Gal Gadot will also play the lead role in that film. She will appear for the third time in a film scripted by Patty Jenkins. She also returns to co-direct the film.

In front of Wonder Woman 1984 Israeli actress Gal Gadot once again got into the skin (and impressive outfit) of Diana Prince / Wonder Woman. And soon she will do that for the third time too. Because Warner Bros. has officially announced that the film is getting a sequel.

Patty Jenkins

Actress Gal Gadot had previously announced that she would like to play in a sequel Wonder Woman 1984. The condition was that Patty Jenkins would return with a good story. And that condition has been met.

The third Wonder Womanfilm will be one again by Patty Jenkins. That writes entertainment website Variety. The 49-year-old American is responsible for the script of one for the third time Wonder Womanfilm and will also direct it.

Production started

Warner Bros. hopes so Wonder Woman 3 will be able to get a normal release. That is to say: in the cinema, as it should be. When that release will come, remains unknown for the time being. According to Variety, the production of the film is already in full swing.

That’s logical somehow. Wonder Woman 1984 was delayed by almost a year. And even before the release of that film, it was already clear to the makers that the story of Diana Prince / Wonder Woman would be a trilogy.


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