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Wonder Woman director: more diversity in superhero movies | Entertainment

The director had received compliments from a fan. Who wrote that Wonder Woman 1984 was refreshing. “Thank you,” wrote Jenkins back. “I agree we need more variety in superhero movies, not less. They are the great metaphor of our time! ”

Jenkins isn’t just about the superhero being a woman. On Entertainment Weekly she explained that her heroine isn’t just about defeating a villain. She tries to improve humanity, according to the director. “It’s almost like she’s really some kind of god who tries to make us better people by making us deal differently with the way we live.”

Wonder Woman 1984 has been on HBO Max in the United States since last month. The film has brought in more than $ 100 million worldwide, according to producer Warner Bros. Due to the success, the film studio will accelerate the production of the third film in the series.


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