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WonderWoman attracts modest audiences to cinema | Financial

Due to corona, cinemas around the world still have little or no turnover. According to analyst firm Omdia, the sector is at a loss of $ 32 billion this year. Wonder Woman 1984 cost $ 200 million to make. Disney also premiered a movie on a streaming platform this Christmas: Soul, which needs $ 150 million to break even.

Producers will not make it with cinema turnover alone: Wonder Woman 1984 is the best-performing film since the start of the corona pandemic (and the most expensive film ever to be screened in cinemas at first), but it is nothing compared to the Christmas films of 2019. Last year, The rise of Skywalker, the last part of the Star warsseries, brought in $ 177 million in its opening week in the US alone.

At the same time, according to Warner, half of all subscribers to streaming service HBO Max have to go this weekend Wonder Woman 1984 looked.

Warner Bros’ plan to launch films simultaneously in theaters and on streaming platforms has nevertheless been met with much skepticism. That is how Christopher Nolan thinks it is “economic nonsense”. Competitor Sony has already postponed the most important new films to 2022.

Warner’s parent company AT&T is listed slightly lower on the Wall Street stock exchange after the cinema figures became known.


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