Workshop and repair: Don’t rely on verbal promises

Who doesn’t know this: After a car repair or maintenance, the bill is on the counter – and you can’t believe your eyes at the high sum! When it comes to pricing, there is often a problem with communication between the workshop and the customer, sometimes with the transparency of the workshop work carried out.

Inform about the workshop beforehand

It is best to get an accurate picture of the company before visiting the garage. Ideally, you already know people in your circle of acquaintances or friends who can recommend a workshop or special employees in a workshop.

Research and comparisons on the Internet will help

If there is a lack of such contacts, the internet is more helpful. There are numerous comparison portals where information about workshop operations can be found. Portals such as go one step further: there is not only information about the company itself, price calculations can be called up in advance as to how expensive the maintenance or repair work is likely to be.

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Book an appointment with a top workshop online now

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In co-operation with

If you do not want to use a website, you should discuss this with the responsible workshop manager before starting work and thus also before signing the order form. note! Words are one thing, but when push comes to shove afterwards, only the facts count. Therefore, no matter how trustworthy the employee may appear, you should not be satisfied with a verbal promise when it comes to the scope, type of work and price range.

Any planned work should be recorded in writing

When picking up your own vehicle, the contact person only has to be available for a few days on vacation or elsewhere and nobody knows about the agreement between the contractual partners. Therefore, after agreement has been reached, have every planned work put down in writing and signed off.

Your phone number is more important than ever. If it becomes more expensive than planned, additional expenses will be incurred in the workshop. Or if other spare parts are required for the repair, it should be called before the work begins and this should be approved accordingly. So the nasty surprises should be limited. And even then, there are ways to assert your rights.

By the way: there are no stupid questions from the customer. If you don’t understand the workshop employee’s automotive jargon or if the planned services don’t seem comprehensible, simply have the whole thing explained again – and set it down in writing.

Author: Patrick Solberg; press-inform

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