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Toyota (almost) with top performance

The kings of reliability have found more errors in the workshop test than anyone else in years. Congratulations, Toyota!

GRatulation, Toyota! The Japanese are the first brand in recent years to improve in the workshop test. While the success rates are declining everywhere else, Toyota managed to improve from 64.6 percent in the 2015 test series (AUTO BILD 2/16) to a smooth 90 percent. Particularly pleasing: four times zero errors in seven workshops! And if two more had drawn the right conclusions from the inexplicable loss of air and cooling water and asked the customer to continue to observe this themselves, six out of seven would have worked faultlessly.

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In the service area, there are usually only minor complaints

Toyota in the workshop test

The Hüneke customer service representative wants to sell a mobility guarantee. Superfluous because it is part of the maintenance that is carried out.

Too bad that it is still not enough for a golden wrench, our award for perfect maintenance. Why? We devalue the working grade by one level twice because the test drive is too short – at least three kilometers must be, only in inner city locations two are sufficient. And also in the service area there are a few things – mostly little things – to criticize. The rating “very good” is not achieved here. Twice the customer is not offered replacement mobility – car, bicycle, bus ticket etc. – only once is he informed about the most expensive spare part, the engine oil; no workshop explains the mobility guarantee included in every inspection. Instead, the Hüneke company tries to unnecessarily turn it on to him.

The calculation of tillers is the greatest bad habit

And with the maintenance lists, almost all fitters are at war. You can say “ok”, “not ok” or tick “replaced”. The latter stands for replaced. In many cases, however, all boxes are fully painted. Of all the best test Hahn uses a checklist for independent workshops, none from Toyota. And in three cases, the customer does not receive an order confirmation after leaving his car in the workshop. The biggest bad habit is the calculation of tillers. Everyone except test rear lights Wilkens improve their sales with it, Toyota-Michael demands the most with over 15 euros. And M.C.F. fills an additive without asking, thus picks up 8.90 euros extra. At hourly rates up to 117 euros, we think a few splashes with the oil can are included. It would also be interesting to find out what the company needed for Michael Brake Cleaner for over six euros? For this you get about 2.5 liters in retail. So be it: Nobody has screwed like Toyota for years!Conclusion by Hendrik Dieckmann: 90 percent of the errors found and rectified. This is significantly more than all other brands and independent workshop chains have achieved in recent years. Toyota is thus sending a clear signal to the automotive industry: Good workshop performance is possible, even in times of a shortage of skilled workers. So it is true, the old Toyota advertising slogan: Nothing is impossible.


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