World Cup tickets 5000 meters for Schouten and Achtereekte, Visser fails

Irene Schouten and Carlijn Achtereekte have conquered a starting ticket in Heerenveen on the 5000 meters for the World Championship distances in Thialf in mid-February. Schouten, Dutch champion at this distance, set the best time with 6.51.45. Backstage, Olympic champion in the 3000 meters, finished second in 6.55.90.

Schouten also took a World Cup ticket in the 3000 meters with the second time. The rider of Team Zaanlander also secured a starting ticket for the European Allround Championships in Heerenveen in mid-January.

Esmee Visser was the big loser. The Olympic champion in the 5000 meters did not get further than third place with a time of 6.59.15. Only two starting tickets were available on this section for the World Championship distances. With the sixth time (4.02.23), Visser also grabbed the 3000 meters in addition to a World Cup ticket and a starting ticket for the two World Cups in January.

Ireen Wüst and Antoinette de Jong signed off for the 5000 meters. Wüst took a World Championship ticket on the 1500 meters, but due to a failed race in the 3000 meters (eighth), he grabbed a starting ticket for the European Allround Championship. De Jong previously qualified in Thialf with flying colors for the World Championship distances on the 1500 and 3000 meters. The Dutch all-round champion won both distances.


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