Worldwide study: Chinese are most convinced of electric cars, Germans are not yet

In China, as in Germany, the share of electric cars in total sales increased significantly in 2020 – but in Germany the buyer potential could be exhausted much faster than in the People’s Republic. At least this is supported by the results of a representative survey of consumers in five important markets around the world, which the automotive supplier Continental published on Thursday: In China, 86 percent of those surveyed could imagine buying an electric car “in the near future” Percent almost the bottom.

China as a model country for electric cars

The propensity for electric cars was even less pronounced with 28 percent in France and 25 percent in Japan – both also countries that have a strong traditional auto industry. But active rejection was highest in Germany. When asked whether they could imagine driving a purely electric car in the near future, 59 percent answered “not really”. In France this value was similarly high at 57 percent, in Japan it was noticeably lower at 46 percent.

In the USA, also home to several old car companies, the Tesla effect is perhaps more noticeable: Here at least 44 percent tended to buy an electric car. But the rather negative answer was also often chosen with 50 percent. On the other hand, China seems to be developing into an almost flawless electric car country, which has set itself the goal of becoming a global leader with the new technology: the citizens are in favor – only 12 percent said they would rather not buy an electric car.

When respondents expressed their negative opinion, the most important reason in four of the five countries examined for the Continental study was that they feared a lack of charging stations. This concern is particularly justified outside of Tesla’s Supercharger network. Restricted range, need for planning and breaks for longer distances as well as the price were often mentioned (in Germany in this order).

Continental: Reservations are rarely justified

More than residents of other countries, Germans also doubt the environmental friendliness of electric cars. According to a Continental press release on the study, their share is a third, in France only a quarter and in the USA, Japan and China between 1 percent and 11 percent. However, the electronics and tire supplier does not take the side of those parts of the German auto industry that are trying to denigrate the new drive technology: Instead, a board member is quoted as saying that reservations about electric cars are “rarely justified in the matter “And it is now up to manufacturers and suppliers to refute them.


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