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Would you like to join K3? Gert Verhulst warns you

Have you set your sights on the ’empty’ K3 spot? Then Gert Verhulst, the Studio 100 boss, has a warning. The life of a K3 is not easy. Klaasje’s successor should therefore not underestimate his or her new role. That said Verhulst in the VRT program The seventh day.

Earlier this week, Klaasje announced that she is leaving the children’s doll trio. She also warned her successor: being a K3 member is a straightjacket, and nine performances a weekend are no exception. According to Verhulst, that is correct. “Not everyone is made to be in a kind of straightjacket for a very long time, because it is. You are in a group, so you have to take the others into account and you can’t do your own thing every time. ”

It is not yet known who will become the new member of K3. At the moment the registrations are still wide open, for the first time also for men. And those registrations are going fast: “We have almost 15,000 registrations,” says Verhulst.

Possibly different voice color for K3

Just under half, 40 percent, are male. According to Verhulst, the chance is therefore greater that a singer will be chosen again, there are simply more of them. But if it does become a man, things will have to be changed. “Most boys sing lower. Then after all these years we get a different voice color. Now there is nothing wrong with a different sound. Some texts will have to be adapted. ” Yet everyone is welcome and changes are fine. “K3 has proven that it can handle staff changes.”

We may be able to enjoy the selection again in a television program, which should then be released in the autumn. Klaasje (blond hair) was a member of the trio since November 2015. Together with Hanne (red hair) and Marthe (dark hair) she won the talent show K3 is looking for K3 at the time. That show was recorded because the then formation was going to stop. K3 originally consisted of Karen Damen, Kristel Verbeke and Kathleen Aerts. In 2009 Kathleen decided to leave the group. She was replaced by the Dutch Josje Huisman.

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Would you like to join K3? Gert Verhulst warns you


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