Xbox cloud gaming now available on Steam Deck

Microsoft’s game streaming service Xbox Cloud Gaming can now also be used on Valve’s Steam Deck.

Anyone who was able to get hold of one of the scarce Steam decks can already play a great many Windows games and endless retro games on it. Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming service can now also be used on the Steam Deck. With a beta version of the Microsoft browser Edge for Linux, Steam Deck can now stream games from the cloud and at the same time serve as a controller.

browser and instructions

This important step was made possible through close cooperation between Valve and Microsoft. Missy Quarry, a Microsoft Edge community manager, shared that they are excited about the new opportunities for the Linux player community. However, the Xbox Game Pass required for streaming is not yet available as a native app on Steam. Anyone who has already bought a subscription must start the games via the Microsoft service. The new Edge version for Linux, which is available via the SteamOS Discover Software Center, is ideal for this. Microsoft has also provided detailed instructions on how to easily access Xbox cloud gaming via a link on the Steam Deck.

PC Game Pass coming to Steam soon

Microsoft has thus released a matching Edge version just a few weeks after the announcement of Xbox Cloud Gaming on the Steam Deck. Windows can also be officially installed on the Steam Deck. Games from the Xbox Game Pass can also be started here. Valve boss Gabe Newell was pleased with the current developments. He wants to help Microsoft establish the PC Game Pass on Steam. Until then, Xbox Cloud Gaming and Windows on the Steam Deck offer two alternatives.

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