Xbox + FIFA 23 + Game Pass at a great price at Media Markt

For the release of FIFA 23, Media Markt will give you a bundle consisting of Xbox Series S, 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate and the football hit at a great price – you save around 100 euros.

In line with the eagerly awaited release of FIFA 23 on September 30, 2022, the electronics retailer Media Markt has an exciting bundle consisting of an Xbox Series S with 512 GB of storage space and the football blockbuster from EA Sports. On the one hand you get the console cheaper, on the other hand there is that

Game FIFA 23 almost for free


Offer: Xbox Series S + 24 months “Game Pass Ultimate” + FIFA 23 for 259 euros

The Microsoft Xbox Series S console with 512 GB of storage space and an activation code for the “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate” over 24 months is usually available from Media Markt for the price of 274.99 euros. FIFA 23 as a download code for the Xbox costs 79.99 euros individually. Both are available in the Media Markt bundle for only EUR 259 – so you save around EUR 100 (EUR 95.98) in the bundle compared to buying them individually.

Top Bundle: Xbox Series S, 512 GB + 24 months “Game Pass Ultimate” + FIFA 23

You get the Microsoft console and game at a bargain price

delivered free of charge.

The campaign runs in the stores and in the online shop

until October 9, 2022.

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