Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Microsoft is testing family membership

Microsoft is now testing a family membership for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Up to five people can play with one subscription.

Microsoft is starting a test run with Xbox Game Pass: a subscription that multiple people can use. Microsoft announces this in this blog post. Currently, only users in Colombia and Ireland can subscribe to this special Xbox Game Pass, and only Xbox Insider testers are allowed to do so there either. However, you can also invite users to the subscription who are not insiders. However, you must come from one of the two countries mentioned.

Scope of Xbox Game Pass Family

This extended Xbox Game Pass subscription offers the functionality of Game Pass Ultimate. Subscribers can add up to four more people to this “Xbox Game Pass Family,” as The Verge calls it, and play with it on PC, Xbox, and in the cloud. To participate, interested Insiders must select the “Xbox Game Pass – Insider Preview” option in the Game Pass plan in the Microsoft Store.

Game Pass Ultimate: 75% cheaper with this trick

When you join Game Pass – Insider Preview, the remaining time on your membership will be converted to the time on the new plan based on the monetary value of the old membership, Microsoft explains. For example, a full month of Ultimate converts to 18 days of membership for that plan. In this way, users should not lose any of the remaining value of their existing subscription when converting. The conversion is final, according to Microsoft, and users will have to wait until their new membership expires before they can revert to a previous membership.

Microsoft didn’t publish pricing, but The Verge has learned that this new Xbox Game Pass costs the equivalent of $21.99 in Ireland

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs EUR 12.99 per month for one player in Germany. The first month costs only 1 euro.

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