Xbox Series X and S: These are the best games

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Like the Playstation 5, the Xbox Series X (together with its little sister, the Xbox Series S) ushered in the new generation of consoles at the end of 2020. It also means there are tons of great games now available for the new Microsoft console. Which games you should definitely play on the new Xbox? We introduce you to our previous favorites.

These are the best games for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

In contrast to the Playstation 5, the Xbox Series X has not yet had any exclusive titles. All games that have been released for the new console can also be played on the previous console, the Xbox One and all of its variants, thanks to backward compatibility. Among them are these ten game highlights for the Xbox Series X and S:

10. “Halo Wars 2

“Halo Wars 2” – 16.66 on Amazon *

Strategy games can also work great on consoles and building complex bases is not only fun on the PC. The first part of the “Halo Wars” series already proved this. Creative Assembly has also made the second part into an excellently presented and balanced strategy game, which you should enjoy for a long time, especially in multiplayer mode against or with other players.

9. “Forza Motorsport 7 “

“Forza Motorsport 7” – 33.62 euros on Amazon *

“Forza” as you know it: A gripping racing simulation that looks a whole lot better on the Xbox Series X. In addition to the routes obtained in the game, you can now also design your own routes thanks to the new editor. When choosing your mobile pedestal, you can use all kinds of real role models as a guide, including Volkswagen. In the single player mode “Forza Cup” you unlock new vehicles and drill them manually, in the multiplayer mode you compete against other drivers as usual.

8. “Yakuza: Like a Dragon”

“Yakuza: Like a Dragon” – Day Ichi Steelbook Edition – 56.84 euros at Amazon *

The Yakuza series has so far mainly been successful in Asia, but the West is now also getting a taste for it. In the previous parts, you had real real-time brawls on the streets of Tokyo. “Yakuza: Like a Dragon”, however, shifts the action to Yokohama and the street fights against other mafia gangsters are now turn-based. At the same time, the new protagonist makes this “Yakuza” part a perfect entry point into the series. The mini-games like kart, golf or karaoke alone keep you on the controller longer than many other complete games together.

7. “Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War”

“Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” – 73.01 euros on Amazon *

Of course, a new “Call of Duty” part should not be missing for the new generation of consoles. “Cold War” is set in the early 1980s in the Cold War, among other things, the player shoots his or her way through Vietnam to uncover a global conspiracy. The gameplay is fast and gripping as always and graphically you will not find a better first person shooter at the moment. Online the game is beyond reproach anyway, you won’t find anything better here either. On the new consoles, the action is much nicer and faster.

6. “Fifa 21”

“Fifa 21” – Next Level Edition – 60.89 euros at Amazon *

As in every other year, a new “Fifa” game was released at the end of 2020. By far the most famous soccer simulation brings you all the big leagues and their players to the console and brings you exciting single and multiplayer duels. You can replay seasons, competitions and even entire careers and assemble your dream team in the “Ultimate Team” mode. Graphically, “Fifa 21” takes another step forward and gives you lightning-fast loading times and even more realistic behavior of the players and the ball.

5. “Hitman 3”

“Hitman 3” – 69.99 euros on Amazon *

The “Hitman” series has always been characterized by the fact that you have to eliminate your targets as serial killer Agent 47 as undetected as possible. In order to achieve this, the player has numerous different options available in the extensive levels. “Hitman 3” is one of the first big gaming hits in 2021 and continues the story from part two. He will transfer you to Dubai and Berlin, among other places, where you can carry out your contract killings even more stylishly than in the predecessor. If you have VR glasses, you can also play the game completely in VR.

4. “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla”

“Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” – 48.99 euros on Amazon *

Once again, Ubisoft brings you “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla”, a huge game world in which you hunt down your opponents like a real assassin silently and usually from behind. This time the player takes on the role of a Viking roaming Norway and England to avenge the death of his family. There is so much to do again and you will invest numerous hours until you have completed all quests, completely upgraded your warehouse and collected all weapons. You will be rewarded in the story with some really spectacular moments and impressive cutscenes.

3. “Cyberpunk 2077”

“Cyberpunk 1355” – 47.99 euros at Amazon *

Yes, the most hyped game in the last few years caused huge problems when it was released. On the last generation of consoles, the game is full of graphics errors and speed drops. On the new generation, however, it is completely different. “Cyberpunk 2077” looks much better on the Xbox Series X and also runs more smoothly. We can recommend the game for the new consoles without hesitation and despite all the controversy, every player should have seen this grandiose futuristic game world once. This opens up numerous possibilities for you to solve a mission, for example by shooting or hacking. The multi-faceted characters and the unique game atmosphere alone definitely justify the purchase.

2. “Halo: Master Chief Collection”

Halo: The Master Chief Collection “- 29.06 euros on Amazon *

The “Halo” series has been an integral part of Microsoft console history since the very first Xbox. The typical Halo feel of shooting and regenerating is still unparalleled today. The latest part, “Halo Infinite”, will not appear until the end of 2021, with the “Halo Master Chief Collection” you have the opportunity to play the first four parts of the series again and the great story and the impressive multiplayer mode again to experience. Together with “Halo 5” you can expect the perfect preparation for the future “Halo” parts.

1. “Forza Horzion 4”

“Forza Horizon 4” – 49.99 euros at Amazon *

If the “Forza Motorsport” series is too heavy on simulation, the new generation of consoles is also ideally suited to the “Forza Horizon” series. The arcade approach and the huge open game world with countless activities, secrets and varied racing events make “Forza Horizon 4” the best racing game of the Xbox Series X and the entire previous and new generation of consoles. The racing game experience, already perfected in single player, which skillfully combines the strengths of several racing genres, gets even better in multiplayer mode, in which you can engage in exciting duels with opponents from all over the world in the entire game world.

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