Xbox Series X: Games don’t run at the promised 60 fps

Creative decision

On a tweet from “The Verge” editor Tom Warren answered Greenberg, be it Developers left to the resources of the new ones console use. The standard display of 60 frames per second is not mandatory.

The advantages of high Frame rates are that movements look particularly fluid. Current games with particularly detailed graphics on the current generation of consoles usually only manage 30 fps.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Series-X chief developer said Jason Ronald, it was only a creative decision of the studios whether they would like their games to be higher Frame rates to offer. You offer the technology, no longer between Frame rate and having to decide dissolution.

This would allow developer studios to pursue Sony and Microsoft, the Frame rate to a selling point of the new Consoles to make slow down. Graphically, not too big jumps are currently expected. Therefore, the main focus is on performance such as fast loading times and the possibility of playing games with high Frame rate to be able to play. If the developer studios do not take advantage of this, it will be difficult to advertise with them.


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