Xbox Series X lures with “thousands of games thanks to backward compatibility”

While there were some irritations about backward compatibility with PlayStation 5, Microsoft is attacking on a large scale today. In a new blog post, Jason Ronald, Partner Director of Program Management for the Xbox Platform Team, shares some more details about Xbox Series X.

It is primarily about the downward compatibility mentioned at the beginning. The message from Xbox: take your games with you. “Keep the legacy of your games,” is a subheading. In addition to game success, beloved gaming accessories and even peripheral devices, these should also be games. The current generation shows that Microsoft can be believed there. With some effort, over 500 Xbox 360 games have been made natively compatible with Xbox One.

Something for “every taste”

And for Xbox Series X, the announcement today is: “After over 100,000 hours of testing [sind] Already thousands of titles can be played on Xbox Series X – from the celebrated top title to iconic classics and the community’s favorite games, there is something for everyone. We are already playing on Xbox Series X every day in the Xbox team and can easily switch back and forth between the console generations. ”

This time, too, one promises native downward compatibility. That means you can insert your old discs and start playing. Do not download or even buy old software again. The resolution also increases and there is an improved refresh rate and quality. In many cases, the performance of the titles increases many times over compared to the original version. Loading times are also shortened and even the new quick resume feature should be able to be used by backwards compatible games.

How important is that to you? And how big is your Xbox library at home?

Images: Xbox Series X, Microsoft


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