Xbox Series X removes copy protection from Xbox One games

Microsoft has removed online DRM retrieval from Xbox One disc games on Xbox Series X.

Microsoft and Sony want to encourage gamers to switch to their latest consoles by also making the existing collection of the previous generation compatible. All PS4 games can also be used on the PS5, and even titles from the Xbox One and Xbox 360 era can be used on the Xbox Series X. In the case of Xbox One games, however, there was a limitation on the current Microsoft console: even if the titles do not actually need an update or can only be played offline, Microsoft required an online DRM check for games that were stored as data carriers in the migrate the console drive.

Keep playing Xbox 360 with DRM check

Exactly this online copy protection has now been lifted by Microsoft. This means that all Xbox One games on a data carrier can also be played offline on the new Microsoft console. The community welcomes this change, but at the same time calls for a similar approach to Xbox 360 games on the Xbox Series X. These games will still require an online DRM check. The games can no longer be used without an internet connection. The Xbox Series S does not have a disc drive.

Online compatibility check no longer necessary

According to Microsoft, an online compatibility check is no longer necessary for most Xbox One games on disc. It remains unclear why the company is still sticking to this procedure for games from the previous Xbox 360 generation. Perhaps the community can also build up enough pressure here to enable a game start without an Internet connection and DRM checks for these classics as well. On the other hand, only a small part of the games from the first Xbox generation is compatible with the current Xbox console.

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