Xbox Series X/S: A retro gaming PC thanks to Windows 98

If you want to experience old classic games on your Xbox Series X/S, you can legally install Windows 98 on it.

More and more gamers are interested in the beginnings of their favorite genres. In order to be able to accurately reproduce such classics, you actually need a retro gaming PC with DOS or Windows 95 or Windows 98. If you already have an Xbox Series X in your own collection, you can also start the old classics on it.

Install Windows 98 via ISO

This is made possible by DOSBox Pure RetroArch. The emulator runs on the current Xbox consoles according to the latest updates. Windows 98 must then be installed using the ISO file. The games must also end up on the hardware in their original format. It is currently not possible to connect a mouse despite the USB connection. Accordingly, the right stick of the Xbox controller has to serve as a mouse replacement.

Voodoo GPU with 12MB VRAM

Thanks to the console’s modern Zen 2 CPU in combination with a fast RDNA2 graphics unit and significantly more RAM, all classics should run without any problems. Specifically, the software emulates a 3dfx Voodoo graphics card with 12 MB of video memory, which was state-of-the-art at the time. The rendering resolution is a maximum of 800 x 600 pixels. The then current interfaces Glide, Open GL and Direct 3D are used for the games. Thus, the Xbox became a high-end gaming PC that was common at the time. The only thing to consider is that the emulation of the Voodoo 2 GPU is more similar to the speed of a Voodoo 1 graphics card. But even on the much slower Xbox Series S, the old classics should run without any problems. The installation of Windows 98 on the Xbox Series X/S is explained in the following video.

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