Xbox Series X vs. PS5: The next-gen consoles in a duel

The next-gen feeling

That is the “X-Factor”: The little things that make a difference. For the Xbox Series X, it’s the quick resume. You can switch back and forth between up to 5 games in the middle of the level. Even if you turn off the console, the next day you will be exactly where you left off: in just 14 seconds from the moment you turn on the console. No long loading times and without being reset to the last save point.

The PS5 needs 11 seconds to boot from standby mode and another 14 seconds until you can swing around directly at Spider-Man. There is no counterpart to the Quick Resume. But there are only loading times in Spider-Man and Sackboy that are a maximum of 3 seconds long.

But these are both Sony games that were optimized for the PS5 from the start. With other Sony games that have been optimized by patch, there are still loading times and with third-party games anyway. However, Quick Resume on the Xbox Series X only works for games that have been optimized for the Xbox Series X.

Still, Quick Resume is awesome. Jumping from one game to another in 13 seconds is impressive. That is the next-gen feeling we are looking for.

Bonus: The Xbox Series X supports Dolby Atmos. Sony has its own 3D audio standard for the PS5, which can currently only be used with headphones. An update for TV speakers and sound bars will follow later.

Xbox Series X vs. PS5: 6: 4


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