XCOM 2: Strategy Hammer free on the Epic Game Store

The strategy game XCOM 2 is still waiting for two days as a free download for the PC in the Epic Game Store.

If you’re interested in strategy games, you’ve probably stumbled across the “XCOM” series before. In a world presented from above, players have to position their characters against nasty aliens in a turn-based manner. If you have to try this tricky task yourself, you don’t even need to spend any money: The offshoot “XCOM 2” released in 2016 is available for free download in the Epic Game Store until April 21st.

A spaceship against a superior force

In it, mankind’s fight against the aliens is already lost. A hostile government has taken over the earth, the aliens are in full control of society. Only a spaceship with the “XCOM” agents opposes the invaders. With rebels you have to organize turn-based battles, take over robots or use objects on the battlefield tactically.

50 hours of gameplay

The actual fights in “XCOM 2” are not just celebrated quickly. Instead, the player experiences exciting tracking shots. This makes the combat action very dynamic. There are also randomly generated maps and an exciting mechanic for sneaking. The enemies in “XCOM 2” are also very different. For all these reasons, players who are otherwise not interested in strategy games should also give the title a chance. Although the degree of difficulty is quite high, you learn something new with every argument and you can perhaps use this for yourself in the next round. In addition, you can customize your own spaceship as you wish. This lures at least 50 hours of gaming fun for free.

Download XCOM 2 for free on the Epic Games Store

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