Xiaomi comes with super fast wireless charging: 100 percent in 19 minutes

Xiaomi has proposed a new revolutionary wireless charging technology. This allows you to charge your smartphone up to 80 W. For example, you only need 19 minutes to fully charge an empty battery.

In the news: Xiaomi has presented its 80W Mi Wireless Charging Technology in a video. With this, the company confirms its place as a forerunner in the field of super-fast wireless charging.

  • In March 2020 Xiaomi introduced 40W wireless charging, in August it got wireless up to 50W and now it increases that speed even further to 80W.

How fast is it? The promotional video of Xiaomi’s 80W Mi Wireless Charging Technology shows how fast this technology can charge a 4,000 mAh battery.

  • In 1 minute you touch 10 percent, after 8 minutes your battery is 50 percent full and after 19 minutes you have the full 100 percent again.

When can we use it?

  • Xiaomi’s fastest charging smartphone currently on the market, the Mi 10 Ultra, can charge up to 50W wirelessly and with a cable up to 120W.
  • To be able to use the new super-fast wireless technology, you have to wait for the successor, the Mi 11 Pro. It would be on the market in early 2021.


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