Xomax XM-RD276: car radio in the test (2022)

The Xomax XM-RD276 has been one of the bestselling car radios on Amazon for some time. The equipment includes two USB ports, a hands-free system, Bluetooth and a remote control. In the AUTO BILD car radio test 2022, the DAB+ radio scored 153 out of 300 points and thus received a grade of 4.3 (“sufficient”). (You can read all the results in our car radio test.)

product test

  • extensive equipment
  • DAB+ antenna included
  • cheap looking workmanship
  • Operation not intuitive
  • significant reception problems

Price €59.80

Xomax XM-RD276 in the car radio test

Furnishing: The Xomax Xm-RD276 is equipped with two USB ports that can also serve as a charging port. Several mobile phones can be connected to the radio via the Bluetooth function. The hands-free system works via an integrated microphone. Four amplifier connections can be found on the back of the radio and one AUX connection on the front. A remote control is also included.

Rating: “Equipment”: 28 out of 45 points

Installation: The installation instructions are clear and easy to understand. The assembly of the enclosed DAB+ antenna is well explained and easy to carry out. Connecting the radio is easy: If the car is already equipped with DIN plugs, these can simply be plugged into the radio without an adapter. An FM adapter is not included and must be purchased if required. With an installation depth of 134 millimeters, the XM-RD276 is one of the larger radios, which can lead to space problems during installation.

Rating: “Installation”: 38 out of 50 points

Service: The operation of the Xomax XM-RD276 is not particularly intuitive, and there is no operating manual. The control panel looks a bit overloaded and the functions of the buttons are only clear on closer inspection. In addition, the buttons are rather small and are therefore more difficult to feel while driving. The Bluetooth connection between the mobile phone and the radio is quickly established, runs stably and is saved. Switching between music sources is easy. Music files on a USB stick can also be played from folders, you can either choose between the individual pieces of music or jump from folder to folder.

DAB+ reception is stable, with minor dropouts in the tunnel. However, it is difficult to find and save the stations. On the other hand, there was a nasty surprise with FM reception: In our test, the Xomax XM-RD276 was not even able to establish FM reception and only played an annoying hissing sound through the speakers. Even with a different VHF antenna, the reception didn’t get any better – a nasty blunder. The sound quality of the hands-free system also leaves a lot to be desired: There were clear background noises here in the test.

“Service” rating: 67 out of 150 points

Quality: The processing quality of the radio seems rather cheap, the feel of the buttons is even very cheap. Aside from FM reception, the radio works quickly and reliably. However, the lighting of the radio can be particularly difficult at night: it cannot be dimmed either via a radio menu or via the car’s light switch and is very dazzling. The remote control is a nice gimmick, but the symbols on the buttons don’t always correspond to the functions of the buttons.

“Quality” rating: 20 out of 55 points

Conclusion: The Xomax XM-RD276 disappointed us a lot in the test. While the cheap-looking processing quality is still tolerable, the strong reception interference in VHF mode is no longer a trifle. Even if the equipment and the price of the radio are enticing, we cannot really give a purchase recommendation here.

Facts about the Xomax Xm-RD276

Furnishing: USB, AUX, Bluetooth, speakerphone, DAB+
Playback formats: MP3, WAV
Perfomance: 4 x 60 watts
Price: 59.80 euros (RRP)

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