Yamaha develops electric motor prototype with Taycan performance values

As a conglomerate, Yamaha is probably one of the most versatile companies from Japan: Beside Motorcycles and Boat engines the Japanese also build industrial equipment and water treatment plants. Yamaha is more than familiar with engine construction. Two-wheelers are ubiquitous in Europe to this day, and from 1988 to 1997 the group was also involved with its engines in the formula 1.

Vattenfall wallbox in the AUTO BILD edition

For some time now, the company has also devoted itself to the development of electric motors. So it’s no wonder that Yamaha is now offering a particularly powerful Electric motor prototype draws attention to itself. Is that the starting signal for the first electric motorcycle from Yamaha?

New Yamaha engine as powerful as a Porsche Taycan 4S

Yamaha is currently working on e-motor prototypes that can later be ordered by partners in the automotive industry. So far, the performance of such engines from the house of Yamaha has played between 35 and 200 kW (48 to 272 hp). Not so with the new unit: here should up to 350 kW (476 PS) possible be what the engine is currently supposed to be one of the most powerful electric machines the industry is likely to do. The output of the motor corresponds roughly to the continuous output Porsche Taycan 4Swhich, however, has to fall back on two electric motors.

The powerful electric motor is to become part of a vehicle platform for industrial customers.

Oil-cooled 800-volt electric motor with small dimensions

In addition to the high performance, the Japanese electric motor should be able to distinguish itself primarily through its compact dimensions. Inverter and gearbox were integrated in the motor housingwhich saves space. The The engine is oil-cooled and works with one, according to Yamaha Tension from 800 volts. Here, too, parallels to the Porsche drive can be seen. Use in a motorcycle or Yamahaā€™s own vehicle seems to be out of the question. However, the Japanese hope with the prototype attract new development contracts to be able to. Interested industrial customers can already order. Whether and when we will see the engine in a vehicle on the road remains to be seen. Nobody would seriously doubt that the power density of the Japanese engine is astonishingly high.

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