yes, but not before the technology is ready

For the Italian firm, the arrival of a first electric Ferrari will depend mainly on technological advances, especially in the field of batteries.

An electric Ferrari? Yes, but under conditions! Interviewed by British journalists for Coach, Enrico Galliera, in charge of brand marketing, clarified the manufacturer’s position. Without excluding the possibility of a 100% electric Ferrari, the representative of the Italian firm said that the release of the model would be a function of technological developments.

We firmly believe that battery technology is not yet developed enough to meet the needs of a supercar He said, believing that all-electric technology will not be able to meet Ferrari’s needs for at least five years. ” We won’t just make an electric Ferrari for fun He warned. For the brand, the idea is above all to succeed in developing a model in line with its positioning and its DNA.

The plug-in hybrid to wait

If all-electric at Ferrari is not for tomorrow, the brand already has a first offer in the plug-in hybrid segment.

Launched last year, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale has three electric motors and more than 1,000 horsepower. On the battery side, the configuration remains modest with a 7.9 kWh pack allowing only 25 kilometers of autonomy on a single charge.

The brand’s first plug-in hybrid model, the SF90 Stradale was launched in 2019.


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