Yolanthe gets through two setbacks

Yolanthe wouldn’t be Yolanthe if she didn’t put a positive spin on the nasty news. In an English message – after all, the actress is back in Los Angeles with her son Xess Xava – she says that she now has extra time to take on a new project.

‘I can’t wait to share it with you, but I have to be patient a little longer. I get a lot of questions about my workout schedule, diet, sportswear and meditation ‘, Yo hints at her new project. “I’ve been exercising for a few years now and I love it very much!”

Yolanthe even gets personal by mentioning her heartbreak in the message. Like many, I was heartbroken, lost loved ones, and had private problems. To become the best version of myself, I developed a special routine that has given me so much pleasure. ‘

The many sisters that Yolanthe has have now also completely changed and swear by this new ‘lifestyle’. It is not yet known when Yo will go live with her new lifestyle movement, but she will undoubtedly keep her followers informed about it.

Although Wesley hinted at a reconciliation with his Yolanthe several times in 2020, she in turn seems to have put an end to the relationship. In the video below, it becomes clear that she is ruling out a reunion with Wes for good.


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