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You can already buy this tiny loft-style house in Germany

The Estonian architecture firm Koda, which has branch offices in Europe and Canada, now concentrates the majority of its production and sales on the so-called Koda Loft: a tiny house in an elegant loft style. The Koda Loft is already available in Germany.

With the steel-reinforced wooden frame of the loft, according to Koda, the Tiny House is not only particularly light, but also environmentally friendly. At around eleven tons, the wooden floor is half as heavy as that of the Koda Concrete – another concrete house designed by Koda.

Koda is already trying to expand beyond the sale of individual loft units. The company would like to combine several Koda Lofts into a whole Koda Park, which could function as a community facility, shopping center, village or business center.

This is how the Koda looks
Loft in pictures from:

Tiny House: This is what the Koda Loft looks like from the inside


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