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You can also use deodorant in these 5 ways

4x multitasking with deodorant

We know deodorant as a spray or spread for under the armpits. But the care product has more to offer.

1: Sweaty feet

It can happen to the best: sweaty feet. Spray or smear a layer of deodorant on the bottoms of your feet. For example, do this just before you go to bed, take a shower or step into your sneakers. This way you can keep the unpleasant odors at bay during the day (or exercise class).

2: Toilet freshener

It happens in the best organized household: the toilet freshener is empty. And that, while you still want to get rid of those unpleasant odors as quickly as possible. Deodorant happily takes over the task. Before you know it, it smells like flowers again.

3: Deodorant in drawers

You will not have it quickly with your favorite items of clothing, but with items that have been left untouched in the closet for months. Deodorant comes to the rescue. You can use it as a substitute for potpourri. In this case it will not work with the deos in spray form, but you can apply them.

Put the deodorant without a lid in a small air-permeable bag and put it in your wardrobe or the drawer for your underwear and socks, for example.

4: Less itching from insect bites

The season of the mosquito and other biting insects is just around the corner. Chances are they will find you in the middle of the night and you will not fall asleep from the itching. In that case, spray or smear some deodorant on the mean bite. *

5: Avoid chafing thighs

Do you ever suffer from your thighs rubbing against each other in the summer? This can hurt so much. Smear the inside of your thighs with deodorant and it will bother you a lot less.

Tip: opt for natural deodorant

If you read it like this, deodorant can bring quite a bit of refreshment to your home. It is good to be aware of the type of deodorant you use. For example, there are more and more copies on the market that are free of chemical additives, such as SLSs and parabens. That smears or sprays just a bit more harmless on your skin and in your house.


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