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You can give these plants a place in your garden in November


November is the right month to plant a good hedge. The hedges are then in the so-called “rest period” and can take root quietly so that they can get their first full bloom in spring. November is a good time to be planted for deciduous hedges.

In addition, the conifer is also an ideal hedge for planting. As long as hedges are hardy, they can be planted in November. Add some extra compost for a good base for the soil.

Just make sure that no frost is forecast. The hedge still needs some time to be able to take root and this will not work with frost.

Flower bulbs

You should plant flower bulbs in the autumn, so that they bloom beautifully in the spring. Avoid frost or too wet soil when you are going to put the flower bulbs in the ground. Make sure you shovel the soil well first, flower bulbs like airy soil. Then make a hole in the ground about three times the length of the bulb. Place your bulb and fill in the hole well.

Fill bins and pots

You can fill containers and pots all year round. It is best to use flowering and evergreen plants here in November. Choose plants that are hardy, so you don’t have to put the planters indoors in the colder months.


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