You can pick up Zarude for Pokémon Sword and Shield online now

Since November you have been able to pick up a code for Zarude in the GameStop branches and use it in your versions of Pokémon sword and shield give a new home. The Pokémon cannot yet be caught in the game, the distribution campaign was the first opportunity to get Zarude.

Now it will be a whole lot easier and, in times of the coronavirus pandemic, also safer. You can now pick up the code for Zarude online. For this you have to visit Gamestop and leave your email address.

As long as stocks last – of course. If you’re lucky, the code will be in your mailbox after a few seconds. In Japan, Pokémon trainers get Zarude when they buy a ticket for the new movie Pokémon – The Movie: Coco. As is well known, Zarude plays a leading role in the film.

The story of the new movie

The story of the film begins in the Okoya Forest, a nature reserve where Pokémon live in complete freedom. Actually nobody is allowed to enter it. But apparently there is even a human living there … a boy raised by the dark monkey Pokémon Zarude. One day the boy meets Ash in a miraculous way.

Images: The Pokémon Company


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