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You can recognize from these symptoms that you are under a lot of stress

Everyone has stress, especially during this period. When you are concerned about the health of your loved ones, you have deadlines for school or work, you have to take care of yourself and your family at the same time, and also have to find somewhere to do the housework, your stress level skyrockets.

Never feel stress again is a goal that is not achievable for most people, but it is useful if not one must, to learn to recognize your own limits. When you’ve reached your limit, take time for yourself and relax properly. How you do that is completely up to you: watch series, read a book or take a nap with your phone off. There are a number of clear symptoms that can help you recognize that you are too stressed and that it is time to take action.

• 1. You have a rage out of nowhere

Anger is often the result of severe stress or fear. You worry about a deadline or your relationship because you feel like you are no longer in control. And when you’ve lost control, you often take it out with outbursts.

• 2. Stress due to bowel problems

Your belly is also called the second brain. This is because the abdomen contains at least as many nerve cells as your actual brain and there is a clear link between our abdomen and our brain. The butterflies you feel in your stomach when you are in love are a good example of this. If you often have pain in your stomach, diarrhea or other intestinal complaints, your body will send a signal. Stress could very well be the culprit of this.

• 3. Your eating habits are not good

Eating too much, eating too little, or not eating at all are clear symptoms of stress. If you don’t put good things into your body, nothing good will come out. When you take the time to think about what food you are going to eat, you get a little bit of control back: this gives you a little more peace of mind.

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• 4. You are broken, but cannot fall asleep

This is a recognizable situation for most of us: you lie early in your bed thinking that you can get a wonderful nine hours of sleep, but before you know it it is half past one in the morning and you are halfway through a new series. Netflix. It sounds strange, but when you are really exhausted, it can become difficult to sleep well.

If you don’t get enough sleep, you increase the stress in your body and your body starts working on adrenaline; this makes it difficult for you to fall asleep. Try reading a book before going to sleep and turning off your phone; you will find that this already makes a difference.

• 5. You have muscle pain that you cannot explain

Muscle pain and not done a special workout? Here too your body could tell you something. Muscle pain is one of the most common complaints when it comes to stress. This is because you tighten your shoulders, jaw and neck all day long.

• 6. Your memory is failing you

When you are stressed, you often also have the feeling that your head is overflowing and you go crazy. Stress malfunctions the part of your brain that stores important information and memories, but it also prevents you from easily retrieving these memories. You cannot answer the simplest questions such as “what is your address?” And you are completely blank for a moment. Quite scary that you can’t remember such things, but if you take a quiet breath and focus your thoughts on something else, the answer will just come to you later.

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• 7. Your immune system is about to collapse

People who are under a lot of stress often turn to unhealthy ways to make themselves feel better. Think of eating junk food, smoking, drinking and still watching that extra Netflix episode instead of sleeping: all factors that ultimately make you more susceptible to bacteria or diseases in the longer term. And of course we want to prevent that during this period.

• 8. You have cold feet or hands

The most obvious reason for cold feet and hands is of course cold. Yet it can also indicate stress. Cold and stress have the same effect on the body. When cold and stressed, the blood vessels in the hands, feet, ears and nose constrict, so that less blood flows through them. The blood has to keep your important organs warm. You cannot live without these organs.

• 9. Almost no sex drive due to stress

Sex is actually a great way to let go of your stress, but when you are too stressed, you have no or less interest in sex. For most, this does not go well together. When you reduce your stress, this also has a positive effect on your sex life and often also on your relationship.

• 10. You are cynical

Not only physical complaints can be signs that you are under too much stress. Changes in your psychological condition and in your behavior can also indicate this. Cynical comments, especially when it comes to work, are a sign that you are burned out. The cynicism arises from a lack of trust and hope.

Recognizable? Get well soon!

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You can recognize from these symptoms that you are under a lot of stress


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