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You had to see me in my beach cabin

So what I would like to ask you, Mr Mayor, is to allow us an exception, not only in our own interest, but also in that of your residents and visitors. A summer without Don Claxon (and Dolly) and “You had to see me in my beach cabins” is not a real summer. Can you ensure that our cabin (which is stored in the garage box of the Tommelein family, not related to it!) Is towed to the beach and anchored there in its permanent place next to the stairs to the beach? We would also appreciate it if you could have a spacious area around our cabin with a blue police ribbon that is accessible only to my wife and me (and any guests). And because I know that a safe Middelkerke is your top priority, I am bold enough to ask you to post an agent at our cabin at night.

As a return service, dear mayor, I will compose a song of praise at Middelkerke with great speed, which will not leave your great merits unmentioned. The melody is already in my head and I already have a title: “You do not see an expatriate on Middelkerke beach! ”



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