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You have to discover these five tiny but beautiful islands

When we are allowed to travel again after this hectic crisis period, you may not be eager to stroll in the most bustling, tourist-packed city. Where can you go? To one of these five idyllic islands, where you can enjoy beautiful natural scenes and fresh air in peace.

We do not have to pack our bags yet, but dreaming away with future holiday plans is already allowed. To help you in your choice struggle, here’s a handy rule of thumb: the smaller and more distant, the better. Discover the five cutest and most fairytale islands here.

1. Corvo (Azores, Portugal)

In this photo you can see a beautiful green landscape

The beautiful Azores are located about 1,600 kilometers from the Portuguese mainland. A beautiful necklace of nine islands. To the north of the largest and busiest island of São Miguel is serene Corvo. The place has only eighteen square kilometers, 400 inhabitants and three restaurants. Yet there is more than enough to experience for adventurers: you can fish there, take a dip in the freshwater lakes, bird watch and even climb volcanoes.

2. Sealion Island (Falkland Islands, South America)In this photo you see penguins

Just a few nautical miles from Argentina’s southernmost tip, the Falkland Islands float. Once again in the south of that group – it is getting very cold now – is the Sealion Island. And you never guess what that remote piece of land is known for. Yes: the rich wildlife including sea lions, penguins, elephant seals, petrels and killer whales. To get there you have to put aside any climate principles. It requires three different flights to simply get from the mainland to the island.

3. Beautiful Isla Mujeres (Mexico)

In this photo you see boats in the water on a beach

The sausage between the sandwich formed by the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico is called Isla Mujeres. This sleepy island exchanges the techno-filled nightclubs from neighboring Cancún for breezy beach bars and a calm indoor setting. Other promises of this sunny spot are small eateries with menus full of fish and seafood, local artisan shops and… a turtle sanctuary. It is best to move on this mini island with a golf cart, moped, bicycle or simply on foot.

4. Little St. Simons (Georgia, USA)

This island is also known as the pearl of the Golden Isles from Georgia. On the forty square kilometers of barrier island, you will find immaculate beaches, giant cedar trees and an arsenal of wildlife. To travel around it you have to be selective in your company. Little St. Simons has only six small houses for visitors.

5. Dangar Island (Island in Australia)

In this photo you can see Hawkesbury River

North of Sydney and in the middle of the Hawkesbury River is a patch of green called Danger Island. Between the forest and the trees you will find car-free roads, houses on the water, extensive beaches and about 250 inhabitants. Those locals prefer to keep the charm of their hometown under the radar, but tourists have already found their way to this island. Every year, some residents of New South Wales wash up here to exchange their busy city life for this peaceful view.

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You have to discover these five tiny but beautiful islands


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