You save 16,286 euros when buying a BMW X1 plug-in hybrid

The times when one could deduce the size of the engine from the type designation of a BMW are long gone. Whereas a 330i was previously equipped with a three-liter petrol engine, the petrol engine in the current 330i only has a four-cylinder with a two-liter displacement. The old nomenclature for plug-in hybrid models such as the X1 xDrive25e would be particularly misleading. Because under the bonnet of the compact SUV, a 1.5-liter three-cylinder with turbocharging does its job, supplemented by a 70 kW electric motor. Equipped in this way, the X1 has a system output of 220 hp and a torque of 385 Newton meters. If the battery pack is fully charged with 8.8 kWh net capacity, the BMW can – depending on the driving style – travel up to 57 kilometers without using the internal combustion engine. There is one point you can rely on when it comes to the BMW type designation: the xDrive25e always has all-wheel drive. In order to enjoy the plug-in hybrid, BMW requires at least 45,900 euros according to the price list (before deduction of the environmental bonus). But it can also be cheaper: At the BMW X1 xDrive25e is currently available with a discount of up to 16,286 euros compared to the RRP. (As of September 12, 2021). The purchase premium for plug-in vehicles is already included in this offer.

BMW X1 plug-in hybrid with savings of up to 16,286 euros at

You don’t have to worry about the choice of engine or the power level with the Plug-in-X1, because BMW only offers the model with 220 hp. There are a total of four equipment variants for this. If you want the maximum discount at, you have to choose the nominal top model “M Sport” at the list price of 50,600 euros when ordering. Then you get the SUV with a decidedly sporty exterior and amenities such as sports seats for the driver and front passenger, 18-inch alloy wheels and the M leather steering wheel. LED headlights are also part of the basic equipment of the X1 xDrive25e M Sport. Instead of just over 50,000 euros, start on the official price list the offers for the M Sport at start at 35,263 euros – and thus 15,337 euros or around 30 percent below the RRP. In order to get the maximum discount of 16,286 euros, you still have to pack a few extras that are subject to a surcharge in the M Sport. Whether in the basic configuration or with additional features on board: In both cases, the environmental bonus is already included, and the transfer costs reduce the discount by a few hundred euros. (Here you can find all information about buying a new car on the Internet!)

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