You should definitely not miss these Videoland Christmas films this year

Write before Christmas

This film is worth it for Chad Michael Murray alone. In the Hallmark Channel movie, Jessica, played by Torrey DeVitto, is dumped by her boyfriend just before Christmas. She decides to send Christmas cards to five people who have changed her life. One of them is her old music teacher. His son reads the card and is sent to give Jessica a nice Christmas present. When Jessica and Luke meet, they are instantly attracted to each other.

Christmas With De Kuijpers

Prefer a series of bings after Christmas dinner? The five-part series Christmas With De Kuijpers takes place around Christmas in the house of Marja Kuijpers. Marja’s husband passed away three years ago and every year she traditionally celebrates Christmas with her sons Frank and Casper and their families. This year, however, the sons have other plans for the first time, which secretly suits Marja very well. She has a new boyfriend that they don’t know about yet.

Forever Christmas

For Will, known as Mr. Christmas, it is Christmas every day in his elaborately decorated house. According to television producer Sophia, Will is the perfect candidate for her new reality format, but he has his doubts. When the two fall for each other, Sophia finds herself in a difficult position. Does she opt for love or the ratings?

Christmas Made To Order

The romantic film is about architect Steven who has invited his family for the holidays, but is not sure how to keep all the (Christmas) balls high. As a solution, he hires expert Gretchen, who provides the ultimate Christmas party. Soon, something begins to blossom between the two, but when Gretchen gets a major chance, they must decide what is really important in life …

Christmas Wonderland

The talented Heidi, played by former Disney star Emily Osment, left home and hearth to chase her dream in New York. Although her original plan was to work on her own art, a few years later she works as an assistant in a gallery. Just before the holidays, Heidi is asked to look after her niece and nephew and travels to her hometown, where her old childhood sweetheart needs help for the Christmas ball. While they reminisce, Heidi regains her passion for painting and wonders whether she wants to return to the Big Apple.

A Princess for Christmas

Jules Day’s (Katie McGrath) life is turned upside down when she is forced to take care of her nephew Milo and niece Maddie when her sister and brother-in-law die. Although it is not easy for her, she is determined to give the children a merry Christmas. When Jules unexpectedly loses her job, she is desperate, but then the family is invited, by a lost relative, to come to Europe, where they will celebrate Christmas at Castleburry Hall.

Love Actually

Love Actually is one of those movies that you can watch every year at Christmas, without it getting boring. The story follows several couples in England who are all looking for love or who have a broken heart. The film’s cast is made up of just big stars like Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Liam Neeson and Bill Nighy.

The Holiday

Another classic that should certainly not be missing in the list The Holiday. In the cult classic, the American Amanda (Cameron Diaz) and the English Iris (Kate Winslet) swap from home for two weeks during the Christmas season. Both women are disappointed in love, but seem to find happiness again in their temporary home.

Christmas Bij Koosje

After the success of Christmas With De Kuijpers Last year, Videoland launched a new Christmas story with Katja Schuurman and Eva van de Wijdeven, among others. The series is about Merel who, together with her brothers and father, organizes the annual Christmas dinner in hotel Koosje. The family thus continues the tradition that started with the deceased Koosje, their mother and wife for whom Christmas was always the best time of the year.

Mingle All the Way

Mingle All the Way with Pretty Little Liars-star Brant Daugherty is about Molly who came up with an app that allows people busy with their jobs to find a partner to show up at important events. Through the app she comes into contact with Jeff, a man who is also busy with his job. The two are shocked when they discover that they have met each other twice before. These meetings were not a success, but Molly and Jeff decide to visit their appointments together around Christmas.


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