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“You should fly to Corfu in the morning …”

Very disappointed if you have just booked eight days in Crete in a beautiful four-star hotel on the beach. Because from tomorrow there will be code orange. Holidays do not fall under necessary travel and are therefore strongly discouraged. TUI, among others, has already sent the cancellation emails.

The travel advice for the Greek islands will be adjusted to code orange tomorrow morning: only necessary trips. This has been decided because the number of people infected with the corona virus during their holiday on one of the Greek islands has risen sharply, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports. The Peloponnese peninsula and mainland Greece remain yellow, but be aware of security risks.

Corfu orange

Twitterer Chris Verhoef shared the email he received from TUI tonight. He would fly to Corfu tomorrow morning at six o’clock, he writes, with a heavy balding emoji behind it, „No !!! That’s even worse, we next Sunday. What will you hate saying. And now? ”, Responds a sympathetic Twitterer.

Heavy blow

The partial closure of Greece is yet another blow to the already severely affected travel industry, according to travel organization TUI in response to the tightened travel advice for the Greek islands.

Current travel advice makes sun holidays next fall virtually impossible. “I think it is terrible to see that now also the holidaymakers in Greece are affected. They, but we too, have been taken by surprise with this travel advice. A very nasty surprise, all the more so since it is possible to travel to Greece from neighboring countries ”, says Arjan Kers of TUI Netherlands, who spoke at the end of last month about another blow to tourism.

TUI currently has about 6,500 travelers on site. Most of them are in Crete, Kos, Rhodes and Zakynthos. All travelers staying on one of the Greek islands with TUI and Kras will be informed about the adjusted travel advice and the consequences for their stay.

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Return flight

Most will travel back to the Netherlands on their original return flight as much as possible. The scheduled flights will leave empty for the time being and will only bring passengers back. For travelers who would return to the Netherlands later, after 15 September, an inventory is currently being made of which flight options can be used to bring them home within a week. Travelers who would still go to Greece will be personally informed that their trip is canceled, TUI says.


People who want to stroll through Antwerp for a weekend have better luck. The travel advice for the province of Antwerp has been changed from code orange (only necessary trips) to code yellow (security risks). In the city of Antwerp, the risk of corona infections is still very high. That is why the color code orange will be maintained for the nine districts in the city of Antwerp, according to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The city often has a completely different kind of code yellow.

No self-quarantine

After a stay in the province of Antwerp (with the exception of the city of Antwerp) it is no longer necessary to go into home quarantine when returning to the Netherlands. Travelers from South Holland, Zeeland, North Holland, North Brabant, Utrecht, Flevoland and Limburg are advised by the Belgian government to undergo preventive testing upon arrival in Belgium and to go into self-quarantine in Belgium for 14 days.

At the end of July, the travel advice for the province of Antwerp was adjusted to orange because the number of corona infections there had risen sharply.

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Greek Islands code orange: “You should fly to Corfu tomorrow morning …”


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