You will find plenty of rare orchids on Texel, but why exactly there? | To travel

Texel guide Marcel Wijnalda explains how this is possible. “It is naturally humid here, so the soil contains many types of fungi. Which in turn supply the right minerals for the orchid to grow well on. They in turn exchange sugars with the fungus, which is a nice symbiosis. ”

If you want to be sure to see the special flowers, go to nature reserve De Nederlanden on Texel. Three colorful examples:

-The purple harlequin. Ten to twenty centimeters high, flowers are light to dark purple.

Marsh Helleborine. A large number of plants of this species can often be found together. They are connected to each other with a net of rhizomes.

Sweet-smelling night orchid. Stands out for its bright white flowers. And of course, especially at night, because of its pleasant scent.

For lazy tourists who like to see everything from the car: a complete field with so-called spotted orchids can be admired at the Texel center Ecomare. Pink and purple as far as the eye can see.


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