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You worry too much? Therapist explains how you stop

Woman thinking bed
Woman thinking bed
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If you are constantly thinking about all possible and impossible situations, you will be familiar with sleepless nights.

If you keep brooding over and over again, this behavior is difficult to put aside not even if it were actually an advantage. If you keep rolling around in bed because you can’t sleep because of the brooding, tend to panic yourself, and always assume the worst, then you should start changing your mindset.

As an article by the US business magazine “Inc” reveals, significantly more people are more brooding than you might have thought.

It is perfectly normal to think about different situations. However, it becomes problematic when your life is affected by constant thinking. This is the case if your mood suffers because you keep thinking about negative situations, cannot sleep, because you ponder so much, or if you find it difficult to concentrate on other things.

Amy Morin, a psychotherapist, revealed to Inc that brooding people have two mindsets: rumination and constant worry. While past situations are repeatedly analyzed when ruminating, permanent worries concern situations that lie in the future. Both thought patterns prevent the person from living in the here and now and is happy.

If you recognize yourself in it, you don’t have to worry any more than you already do. Amy Morin explains that there are some tips on how to stop worrying too much.

Psychotherapist explains how to stop worrying too much

This article was published by in November 2019. It has now been checked and updated again.


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