Young generation threatens to lose traineeships, warns economist


The economy is starting up very carefully. Restaurants and cafes are opening, factories are carefully starting up again, the beaches in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein are again accessible to domestic tourists.

However, because the many factories were now closed for a long time, they are mainly taking stock. Many even check whether and how long it can continue for them at all. The level of uncertainty among companies is very high right now. This also affects the very important question for young people whether and when companies will start new training courses this year, learned from circles of numerous business associations.

Because of the crisis, many companies do not yet know whether and when they will train

In view of the uncertainty, the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) will probably not conduct a survey among German companies until next month, which of them wants to train them again. The reason: At the moment, numerous companies simply don’t know, learned.

the real danger is the uncertainty of the companies. None of them know
whether things will really go up this year,
economically difficult situation. Forecasts are current
Difficult at the moment, ”says Ludger Wößmann. He is the director of the area
Education Economics at the Ifo Institute. “Of course, companies are wondering whether
they can hire more people. The economic indicators point
currently indicate that they will not do so on a larger scale or at all
can do. This is especially true for trainees. ”

So it is important that the economy grows again, he says. In previous years, companies had desperately been looking for qualified trainees. In the meantime, the situation has turned the opposite – with fatal consequences for the generation who now wants to be trained, says Wößmann.

The greatest danger for young people in the absence of vocational training: unemployment

“The danger for the young people concerned: The unemployment rate among people with vocational training is four percent. 20 percent of people without training. The training is a guarantee of success that you don’t get unemployed. ”

lack of training would also have a significant impact on income that the
Young people will earn in their professional life, says the economist. The
Ifo Institute has calculated that with vocational training an average of 143,000
Euro earns more in the course of his entire employment.

But it is not just consequences for the young people themselves. The German economy could also suffer from the lack of training, says Wößmann. The reason: The recently desperately needed skilled workers could be missing twice in an economic upturn if companies would save today in training young skilled workers.

At the request of, the business association “Der Mittelstand” spoke of a “synchronous decline in training places of almost eight percent compared to the same month last year”.

Association chairman, however, is combative: “Medium-sized companies
Out of self-interest, companies do not focus on their most important
Resource, well-trained specialists, do without, ”says Mario Ohoven. “No later than
if the economy picks up again, the races of the companies for the
Trainees again. “

He is not alone in his hope. The latest ifo business climate index shows that more and more entrepreneurs in Germany are expecting economic growth to start soon. That would be good news for the generation who is hoping for training soon or soon.


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