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Young people are the big spenders when it comes to food | Lifestyle

On average, the Dutch spend 53 euros per person per week on food, according to research by meal box supplier HelloFresh into the expenditure of the Dutch, including what is spent on snacks and take-away. What seems? This amount is even higher for young people between 16 and 24 years old: they spend EUR 68.70 per week.

The biggest difference in food expenditure among young people is in the higher amounts of take-away. On average, they spend 15 euros more per month on take-away food than the rest of the Netherlands. Many young people lack inspiration in the kitchen, so they are more likely to opt for a more expensive take-away meal. Partly because of this, it appears that young people also have more trouble sticking to the set budget than the rest of the Netherlands.

Another reason why young people often exceed their budget is because they make extensive use of one-off ingredients. While adults often leave ingredients in the refrigerator for the next meal, young people do not. In addition, young people buy ingredients they already have and buy expensive products out of season. A final main reason is that they buy offers they don’t seem to need. Recognizable?


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