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‘Young people prefer to have sex with non-smokers’

Young people prefer not to have a relationship or sex with someone who smokes. The Health Funds for Smoke Free report this on the basis of a survey that they have conducted by I&O Research, on the eve of World No Smoking Day on May 31.

Two thirds of the older youth prefer not to have sex with someone who smokes. And 41 percent of smokers sacrifice their cigarettes because of a non-smoking new love. For a (seriously) ill neighbor, half of the young people are willing to quit.

Total ban on cigarettes

Half of the young people are in favor of a total ban on cigarettes. More than 8 in 10 respondents think that making cigarettes more expensive is a good way to prevent young people from starting to smoke. 71 percent also think that price increases are an incentive to quit smoking. Smoking has no tough image, 80 percent say.

Now a pack of cigarettes costs eight euros. Young people think that making cigarettes more expensive means that fewer young people start smoking; 90 percent of smokers say they will never buy cigarettes again if a package exceeds 15 euros; 75 percent drop out at 12 euros and 59 percent drop out at 10 euros.

Driving license and car motivation to quit smoking

The main reason for not smoking is stated: smoking is unhealthy, you die, it costs a lot of money and it makes you stink. According to the researchers, the study shows “that the new generation embraces smoke-free and that non-smoking is the norm.”

Parents who want to persuade their children not to smoke can best do this by offering a driving license (49 percent), car (26 percent), more freedom (22 percent) or a world trip (20 percent).

In the photo you see two young people trying to light a cigarette. Young people prefer not to have a relationship or sex with someone who smokes.Anti-smoking measures

The Health Funds for Smoke-Free is an initiative of the Dutch Heart Foundation, the Dutch Cancer Society and the Long Fund. This coalition is committed to growing up a smoke-free generation. She points out that quitting smoking is especially important today, as there is strong evidence that smokers are more likely to have coronavirus complications.

Several anti-smoking measures will be implemented in the coming months. For example, school grounds will become smoke-free from 1 August and cigarettes will be given neutral packaging from 1 October.

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“Young people prefer to have sex with non-smokers”


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